Moving your IBM CMOD system to the Cloud is likely a great move — but you still need to ensure you’re meeting your Service Level Agreements, and that performance is maintained at a level that your internal users and customers expect.  RAPTOR4 is a Reporting and Performance Tuning tool building exclusively for IBM CMOD V9 and higher– and provides insights that nobody else on the planet can provide.  Here are just a few reports that RAPTOR4 can provide:

  • Query Performance – Shows the duration of queries executed by users, and ‘Long Running’ queries that need optimization – both system wide, and on an individual Application Group Basis.
  • Application Group Query Hit Ratio – If your folders contain multiple CMOD Application Groups, are you actually adding value?  If an App Group consistently returns zero results, you may be better off without it!
  • Retrieval Performance – Cheap cloud disks are great for the bottom line — but if your customers can’t get their statements quickly and reliably, the savings aren’t so great.  The Retrieval Performance report helps show you how quickly your users are getting their reports.
  • Cache Optimization – Speaking of performance – the maximum return from IBM CMOD on Cloud can only be obtained if you’re only storing the most frequently accessed documents on fast (and expensive) block storage.  We can tell you precisely how much storage you’ll need to satisfy your user’s thirst for data, which Application Groups to store, and for precisely how long.
  • Capacity Planning – How much disk do you have, and how much will you need tomorrow?  RAPTOR4 allows you to forecast precisely how much data an Application Group is storing today, and how quickly it will grow tomorrow — even if you aren’t collecting capacity statistics anywhere else!
  • Time Based Reports – What are your busiest times of day, and what is your IBM Content Manager OnDemand server doing?  We’re willing to bet you don’t know.  RAPTOR4 provides summary, average, and granular results for all activity on the server.