Cloud Storage

Everyone wants to know the best way to implement IBM CMOD Cloud Storage.  The advantages are undeniable – outsourcing enterprise archival storage to the cloud is one of the Content Manager OnDemand projects with the highest return on investment.  We can get you there — safely, reliably, quickly, and with a minimum amount of effort.

It doesn’t matter which vendor or technology you’re using – Amazon S3, Apache Hadoop, OpenStack Swift, IBM Cloud Object storage, or simple cheap-and-deep SATA disk on NAS – we can enable CMOD Cloud Storage for you quickly and easily.  Our Content Manager OnDemand Cloud Storage Migration utility copies data from wherever it currently lives, into the cloud — quietly, easily, and without interruption to your regular production processes.  Our method keeps you in IBM’s good books by using their existing utilities, topped with our own secret sauce to completely automate the process.

Want to learn more about migrating to CMOD with Cloud Storage?  Call +1-833-533-7742, and ask about our monthly Content Manager OnDemand Webinars.