Professional Services

Our only business is IBM CMOD Professional Services.  If you need a special solution for your Content Manager OnDemand project, just call.  Here’s a summary of just a few of the projects we’ve completed for our customers:

  • IBM CMOD Cache consolidation – Due to a configuration issue, and ongoing litigation, a customer was forced to create 25 enormous, multi-terabyte OnDemand cache filesystems on their main IBM CMOD server.  The task was to migrate the data to TSM, remove specific Application Groups from the cache entirely, and consolidate down to 5 modestly sized cache filesystems – saving $500,000 USD each year.
  • IBM CMOD Database Segment Consolidation – A CMOD Admin modified a configuration setting in the Administrative Client that resulted in 32,000 database tables being created.  The tables were consolidated over the course of one month with zero downtime, and no end user complaints.  We’ve since completed other consolidations to help customers reach their performance goals.
  • Returned Mail Workflow – A file provided by a postal mail system needed to be able to modify a field in Content Manager OnDemand, to indicate that a letter had not been delivered.  This three month project was completed in a little over 3 weeks, saving the customer tens of thousands in project costs.
  • Index Conversion – A vendor refused to provide data in the CMOD Generic Index Format at a reasonable price.  A utility that performed this transformation, as well as audited the incoming index data and files was built at less than half the cost of the vendor’s proposal.  The utility also caught errors in the vendor’s file delivery — which would have been a nightmare to diagnose after the fact.
  • Legacy System Integration – A legacy system that delivered queries in a text file was integrated with CMOD, so that it could receive data for each of the matching hits from the database.
  • IVR integration – A connector to an Integrated Voice Response system was developed that allowed customers to request previous statements simply by entering the month and year of the required reprint.
  • A mainframe CMOD migration attempted by an vendor failed, and was left only partially completed.  We developed custom code to complete the migration quickly and easily, minimizing the consumption of costly MIPS on the IBM CMOD z/OS server.  The eventual decommission of the Content Manager OnDemand instance saved tens of thousands of dollars in storage and MIPS each year.

We can do all this and more.  Just ask!  Call +1-833-533-7752.