It doesn’t matter where you’re moving to — cross-platform, an IBM CMOD on Cloud migration, merging with a competitor, or spinning off a line of business — we can get you to where you want to be quickly and easily.  Here are some of the migrations we’ve completed:

  • Cross Platform – Between any IBM CMOD platforms – z/OS, Solaris, Linux, AIX, Windows.  We move data more quickly and easily than anyone else.
  • Cross Database – While you’re moving from one server to another, you can change your database back end at the same time, transparently.
  • Acquisitions – Bringing in new data from an acquired organization — even from competitive systems.  We make sure your data is loaded and stored in OnDemand as efficiently as possible.
  • Divestiture – Is a line of business being acquired by another company?  We can get the data off your systems and into their hands easily.  See CMOD Extraction for more information.
  • Configuration Changes – Removing Tivoli Storage Manager from IBM OnDemand is complex and time consuming – but we can do it for you – effortlessly!
  • Implementing Cloud Storage – We can move your data from your existing secondary storage (Tivoli Storage Manager / Spectrum Archive) to any supported IBM CMOD cloud storage – and end users will never know!
  • Optimization – Reduce costs and improve performance at the same time by optimizing Content Manager OnDemand caching & secondary storage.
  • Database codepages – Moving to Unicode is painful, and can even lead to data loss disasters.  We know the tips and tricks to get to IBM CMOD databases to Unicode reliably.
  • Modernization – We can even tweak your data on the fly – converting data, and implementing of the latest IBM Content Manager OnDemand features.