Nobody can do IBM CMOD extractions faster.  Our custom extraction utility can pull data from IBM CMOD servers more quickly than even the tools from IBM Lab Services — as fast as 10GB/hour per thread on suitable hardware.

  • Low Cost & Labour Efficient — The features below minimize the amount of time required to oversee and complete the extraction process – generally less than an hour a day of monitoring or intervention is required, reducing billable hours — one of the biggest barriers to getting your project approved.
  • Multiplatform — Extracts from any supported (and most unsupported!) CMOD server versions on any platforms — including traditionally complex migrations like z/OS to UNIX, or Windows to UNIX.
  • Automatic — Extracts the entire contents of a CMOD server remotely over the network.  This eliminates the need to modify the production server in order to start the extraction.  (A database connection is the only requirement!)
  • Thread-able — Multiple instances of the extractor can be run to prioritize specific Application Groups, or simply to maximize throughput.
  • Strategic — The utility can use information from the caches and secondary storage to determine how to reduce the total extraction time when using multiple threads.
  • Restartable — The extraction process can be paused or stopped, and will automatically resume from where it left off.
  • Incremental — New data added since the start of the extraction can be extracted, without re-extracting any prior data.
  • Reliable — The software will re-attempt extractions that failed on previous attempts due to downtime, media errors, or unavailable volumes.
  • Recovery — Multiple attempts using alternate methods of extracting data will successfully recover as much data as possible from systems that have suffered loss of data.
  • Extremely Fast — Extractions have been benchmarked to pull up to  10GB of data per hour, *per thread*.  With a suitably powerful migration server, extracting 1TB/day is easily possible.
  • Lowest impact — The extractor was shown to be 25% faster than similar utilities provided by IBM — while generating less load on the production server.
  • Schedule aware —  The extraction process can be paused during business hours or outage windows to eliminate the possibility of slowing  down end users, or interrupting maintenance, backups, loads, or other critical processes.
  • Pre-expiration —  The utility can optionally ‘pre-expire’ data that should have expired according to the existing retention criteria, but hasn’t been deleted, usually due to a misconfiguration of CMOD.
  • Volume-Aware — When extracting from multiplatforms systems, the extractor can use hints from the second-tier storage manager to reduce multiple mount/unmount cycles, improving performance, and minimizing wear-and-tear on tape or optical libraries.

If you have an extraction project, don’t hesitate to call toll-free:  +1-833-533-7742.