Nobody can do IBM CMOD extractions faster.  Our custom utility can pull data from IBM CMOD servers more quickly than even the tools from IBM Lab Services — as fast as 1GB/minute per thread on suitable hardware.

  • Low Cost & Labour Efficient — The features below minimize the amount of time required to oversee and complete the extraction process – generally less than an hour a day of monitoring or intervention is required, reducing costs — one of the biggest barriers to getting your project approved.
  • Multiplatform — Extracts from any supported (and most unsupported!) CMOD server versions on any platforms — including traditionally complex migrations like z/OS to UNIX, or Windows to UNIX.
  • Automatic — Extracts the entire contents of a CMOD server remotely over the network.  This eliminates the need to modify the production server in order to start the extraction.  (A database connection is the only requirement!)
  • Thread-able — Multiple instances of the extractor can be run to prioritize specific Application Groups, or simply to maximize throughput.
  • Strategic — The utility can use information from the caches and secondary storage to determine how to reduce the total extraction time when using multiple threads.
  • Restartable — The extraction process can be paused or killed, and will automatically resume from where it left off.
  • Incremental — New data added since the start of the extraction can be extracted, without re-extracting data.
  • Reliable — The software will re-attempt extractions that failed on previous attempts due to downtime, media errors, or unavailable volumes.
  • Recovery — Multiple attempts using alternate methods of extracting data will successfully recover as much data as possible from systems that have suffered loss of data.
  • Extremely Fast — Extractions have been benchmarked to pull over 1GB of data per hour, per thread in 2015.
  • Lowest impact — The extractor was shown to be 25% faster than similar utilities provided by IBM — while generating less load on the production server.
  • Schedule aware —  The extraction process can be paused during business hours or outage windows to eliminate the possibility of slowing  down end users, or interrupting maintenance, backups, loads, or other critical processes.
  • Pre-expiration —  The utility can optionally ‘pre-expire’ data that should have expired according to the existing retention criteria, but hasn’t been deleted.  This is especially useful where CMOD has been misconfigured, and is holding data longer than it needs to, or regular document expiration has been suspended.
  • Volume-Aware — When extracting from multiplatforms systems, the extractor can use hints from the second-tier storage manager to reduce multiple mount/unmount cycles, improving performance, and minimizing wear-and-tear on tape or optical libraries.

If you have an extraction project, don’t hesitate to call toll-free:  +1-833-533-7742.