Cache Consolidation

For a variety of reasons, you may want to reduce the number of IBM Content Manager OnDemand Cache Filesystems in your IBM CMOD server.  We have custom software to perform this task with minimal human intervention.  Here are some of our cache consolidation tool’s features:

  • Requires zero downtime, and no restart is needed.  Users won’t know anything is happening.  
  • Moves files safely – moves data between caches and performs a variety of tests to ensure everything worked perfectly.
  • Interruptable – You can interrupt the process at any time, and it will leave the cache in a consistent state.
  • Restartable – When you restart the IBM CMOD Cache Consolidation, it will resume from where it left off, without delay.
  • Balances the cache filesystems – the utility will balance the remaining cache filesystems, ensuring that your cache filesystems share the load equally.

One of our customers, a New York area bank, through a bad design decision and a legal challenge, were prevented from deleting data through a judicial order. The monthly cost for cache storage quickly exceeded $500,000 USD / year. After the case was completed, caches needed to be consolidated to minimize their costs. We reduced their cache storage costs to below $100k/year.

Another customer, a Toronto-based financial services company, successfully completed a Cache Optimization project, discovered that they were caching a huge volume of data that users were not accessing. The Application Group configuration was changed to move data directly to less-expensive secondary storage, and the cache data expired, leaving the caches at 30% capacity, with a total of 15TB of wasted space. Their cache consolidation project reduced their storage costs by more than 50%, and retrieval performance improved.

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