System Audit

The first step of any major IBM Content Manager OnDemand project is to audit your existing system — to know how much data already exists, how it’s stored, and if there are any configuration issues, or data loss.  We can help.  Using RAPTOR4, we’ll assist by quantifying end user usage — quickly and easily identifying idle users, unused reports, and provide concrete numbers to assist with the sizing of your new server hardware for maximum return on investment.  With over 20 years experience performing IBM CMOD Professional Services, we have a list of over 100 CMOD configuration errors and design issues that we check your systems for.  Customers find our reports enlightening, and our insights invaluable.

What insights does an IBM CMOD Audit provide?

  • License utilization
  • Identifies the most and least used Application Groups – and determines how long each CMOD AG needs to be cached.
  • Provides a ‘retrieval profile’ showing the age of documents most frequently accessed
  • Optimizes the cache filesystem – storing more of the documents your users want, and fewer of the ones they don’t.
  • Gives a detailed overview of the number and size of documents loaded on a daily basis.
  • Quantifies end-user activity – search performance, long running queries, Application Group Hit Ratios, and retrieval speeds.
  • Clearly shows storage utilization in Tivoli Storage Manager.
  • Documents the growth of your database, broken down by Application Group.
  • Clearly shows periods of high and low activity to assist in scheduling downtime, or CPU-intensive work like loads or maintenance.
  • Provides a clear roadmap to repairing critical issues quickly, and a timeline of when less urgent issues should be reviewed.

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