Content Manager OnDemand is great for many reasons, but one of the top features is OnDemand’s stability and reliability.  We’ve performed a ridiculous number of CMOD upgrades over the past 20 years – from as simple as adding patches to full-scale hardware and software stack replacements.

With the Content Manager OnDemand v9.5 End of Support announced to take effect on April 30th, 2020, you should start making your plans to upgrade now!

What are the advantages of upgrading with us?

  • Rock-bottom risk – Having upgraded hundreds of individual servers, we’ve got the skills and experience to do the upgrade quickly and fix unexpected problems as they happen.
  • Implement new features immediately – Consider adding the latest functionality in combination with your upgrade to get the maximum benefit from your upgrade.
  • Fast turn-around – If your upgrade is straightforward, we can usually schedule your upgrade within 6 weeks, and complete it in under 8 hours.
  • Reasonable cost – Our proposals are regularly 30-45% less than IBM Lab Services, and still extremely competitive compared to business partners with far less skill & experience.
  • Includes all requisites – One consultant can upgrade the majority of your CMOD stack – DB2, Tivoli Storage Manager, shell scripts, advise your ODWEK developers, and more.

Get a free consultation on your upgrade – just call +1-833-533-7742 (Toll Free in US & Canada) and schedule some time to talk about your requirements.