Cache Optimization

Storage is expensive – and that makes it finite. Optimizing your Content Manager OnDemand Cache Filesystem(s) is the best way to keep performance at the maximum, and your costs at a minimum.

What is the OnDemand Cache? It’s a filesystem built from your highest reliability and highest speed disk – when new data is ingested by IBM CMOD’s arsload utility, documents are loaded to the cache filesystem by default – so that users can access them instantly. In most systems, millions or billions of documents have to fight for the limited amount of space in your CMOD cache.

But how do you optimize the cache? You configure the cache to contain more of the documents that end users are accessing, and fewer of the documents they aren’t retrieving. In some cases, customers were able to reduce the size of the cache filesystems by over 90% by storing only the most frequently accessed documents in cache.

Using purpose-built tools, we can measure *precisely* which documents your users are accessing, and provide a recommendations for changing your Content Manager OnDemand cache configuration for maximum performance and benefit.

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