Query Optimization

New for CMOD in 2020, CMOD.cloud now offers assistance with IBM Content Manager OnDemand Query Optimization. Using the latest version of our proprietary OnDemand reporting tool, we’re able to quantify the most heavily utilized fields in OnDemand, allowing administrators to take the guesswork out of optimization, and eliminates the need for database administrators to investigate performance issues. DBA’s rarely understand Content Manager OnDemand at a deep enough level to configure it optimally, and keep it optimized in the long term.

What is Query Optimization?

Inside Content Manager OnDemand, there are built-in configuration items for creating field indexes at the database level, and using our unique reports, you can identify the CMOD Application Group fields that derive the most benefit from enabling indexing, as well as the fields where indexing can be disabled without impacting performance – saving space (and dollars!) of some of your fastest, most expensive disk.

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